Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Great Rotate And Other Stuff

Recently, I mentioned Dianne got a new Apple Air. Well, the computer + extended warranty + training was just the fiirst of the expenses. She has a sore right neck, arm, and wrist so she needs a good desk. She prefers an angled desk, with left and right arm support so we went to Ikea and bought a great desk for her. It took a bit to assemble, but it worked out great.

Above, you can see the item as it was assembled. The IKEA quality is really good. The desk surface is very good. All the metal work is excellent. Welds are invisible. Paint looks like powder coat. Clean metal, not greasy. Fasteners are bright metal. Alignment is perfect. We assembled all as shown so a simple rotate around the nearest edge will result in the final alignment in the room. Joe, our next door neighbor helped with the "Great Rotate". Then, Dianne added some stuff to get this result:

So, there we are with her new desk and her new Apple Air on it. She also has the Apple touchpad next to it since it is kinder to her right arm. That is also why the right area of the desk is wider - it is easier for her arm and her sight.

Also, in other news....

The Latest Bathroom Reno

When Bob last visited, he stayed in the guest room with the old, original ensuite. Previous posts showed the reno of that bathroom. Now, when Bob returns, he can of course use that ensuite, but if he choses to use the "Main Bathroom" at the top of the stairs from the main floor, he can use the latest reno:

By the way, the addition of these few photos took about an hour. Probably my fault, but the process of adding photos is not easy, at least for me on my PC. I have a lot less problems using Blogsy when travelling...

Google needs to make it's Picassa programs a whole lot more intuitive, IMHO.


  1. Looking good. The reno and the desk.

    We have a few pieces from Ikea including our kitchen cabinets and countertops, secretary/desk, bookshelves, etc and we've always been very happy with the quality.

  2. We even have some Ikea stuff and am impressed with the quality of the stuff. The nearest Ikea is, I believe, in Edmonton but I had picked the stuff up in Seattle on one of the many road trips.

  3. Ed:

    I like Dianne's desk. I used to have an area to put our desktop computer but all of our free areas have been confiscated and now I work on laptops. There is no room to put a desk like that but it seems like it is very nice.

    I was wondering how you were going to "invert" that desk after it was assembled. I didn't think one retired person could do it on their own. I think Ikea stuff is better than what it was before but I don't go there as I can't find my way out. They make you go up and down all the isles as you try to find your way.

    Your bathroom reno is spectabular. Visiting you is like staying in a 5 star hotel. It is very nice looking and modern. I can just imagine having access to two washrooms at the same time. I'd be more afraid of getting them dirty. And don't get rid of your "stocked" basement freezer.

    As far as Picasso is concerned, I have never had it easier. I find it "SIMPLE" Perhaps you are overthinking it. I don't know your workflow but Google interfaces with Picassa nearly seemlessly . . . and if you keep your images < 2000 on the long side, then you have unlimited storage

    Here is my workflow:

    I download all my photos to an external drive. I do not clog up my computer. I use Faststone Image resizer 3.2. All of my photos start as full resolution images whether they be 18MP or 16MP. With FastStone, you can select any directory and all the images appear on your screen as thumbnails. You have an option to see them as small, or you can view them individually full screen. I view them full screen. If you want to select that image just click "add to input list". you can go to any directory and just keep clicking "add to input list" When you are finished selecting your images, click "convert" and all the images in this batch will be resized and placed into a directory of your choice. It remembers your options everytime you start the program. WHICH IS FREE

    I then go to Picassa and when it loads up you have the option to go "to the old Picassa interface" otherwise you are stuck with Google+ photos which is a pain to figure out

    select which album you want your images to be uploaded to. You can select albums to be private or public. If you select public then whenever anyone clicks one of your images they will be permitted to go to your album and see all the photos you have. If you select private, then clicking one of your posted images will not do anything, unless you have the direct URL link location

    after your images are uploaded to Picasa you are nearly done. the rest is easy peasy

    use Google Chrome (not firefox) as Chrome works with Picasa. if you use firefox then there are some minor irritations. So go to Chrome and start to enter a new blog entry.

    You start keying in your words and when you wish to insert a photo, it will be placed where your curor is. Click the photo icon and you will be asked where the images are, select Picasa albums, and then click on the album name, where you uploaded your photos. I just double click and it appears where your curor is and you have options as to size and location; Left , right or centre, and small, med or large, or even XL

    continue writing and when you want your next photo it goes directly to the album you were in at exactly the same spot where you can select your next photo. If you use Firefox you will always have to scroll down from the TOP and drag the bounding bar down. Not easy if you have 500 images in that album

    that's it. Easier to do than to explain.

    Your photos of your recent RENOs makes me wish that I were there sooner than later but it is on my list for 2015

    See, being retired has it benefits

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast