Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Season Initialization

Nothing ever happens all by itself. Before you can tie your shoelaces, you have to put on your shoes.

Was waiting for warmth and rain. Today was 16C! Late in the day, sprinkles of rain and likely more overnight.

Renovation of the "main" bathroom at the top of the stairs is basically complete, but awaiting some final items to install. So, the half of the garage that was used for tool storage by the installer became clear after noon.

That meant:

1) sweep & take cardboard boxes to the recycle centre.
2) use the Park n' Move trolley (great item) to turn the bike around.
3) pump out the old fuel in the tank, put it in the minivan with lots of other fuel to dilute it.
4) get new, fresh fuel from the local gas station and pour it in, and ...

5) start the engine.

Every year, the first start of the engine is a concern. Never had a complete failure, but the fear is there. This time:

1) the battery delivered a fine high amperage current to the starter motor, thanks to the battery tender that has always done me good service,

2) the big twin gave a sideways shake and one cough, likely of old November fuel, stale as  could be,

3) sucked down some fresh 94 octane fuel and ... just ran. Ran fine.

Funny how fast fear flees. [Sorry about the alliteration, just could not resist.]

Tomorrow ...


  1. Woot! It roars to life! Happy riding season Ed!

    1. Thanks Dar! As you will see, I did get out for a short ride today.

  2. Woohoo, the first start of the year.

    I bet you were happy to hear it come out of hibernation.

    1. Yes, I was. I'm feeling that it was more me who was doing the hibernation. That new home theatre has been occupying too much of my time over the long winter. I'm looking forward to being outside a bit more.

  3. Ed:

    That's one thing I noticed about the Beemer. It has a sort of torque steer when you start . . . but then it settles down.

    I've never had to pump out the old gas. Just make sure to put non-ethanol in before you store for the winter. Looks like you are going to get in a full riding season this year

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

    1. I'm not sure I really absolutely needed to change the gas. Didn't waste any as I put the old stuff in the Caravan.

      I'm not sure non-ethanol gas is available around here anyway. It ran great on my short ride today, as I posted above.