Friday, April 11, 2014

1st Ride of the Season!

It was cool this morning, so I had coffee, read the newspaper, and eventually went out to the garage. Did some cleanup and started a ToDo list for the outdoor stuff and garage stuff.

Noticed that I needed a new hose reel. The old one sprang a leak at the end of last year. So, off to get a new one. Figured I would get the hose in operation and get the dust off the bike and go for a ride.

Got neat metal one from Costco. But, it is a wall mounted one. The mounting hardware looks like it was meant to attach a full battle tank to the wall. Well, the afternoon was moving on, so I decided to do the ride.

Nice day, dry and sunny and relatively warm for a slow speed ride. Off to Home Depot for a metric bolt ( I had bought one before when I should have bought two) and then over to the nearby GO station. For those who don't know, GO Transit runs trains and buses for commuters in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

This station has an empty parking lot on Sunday mornings. I go there a lot to practice slow speed U-turns. I did pretty well today, considering it was the first day riding this season. Seems to me I did better than last year. That pneumonia really did a job on me last year.

On the way home, I took the long way... .

Now, I cheated a bit. The BMW 1200RT has a tank bag, rear paniers, and a top box when fully set up for travelling. Today, it was bare. Not even the GPS, which I never leave home without, almost. That might have made it easier to U-turn, but I think it was the refresh reading I did the other day that reminded me to really turn my head around.

I'm looking forward to a great season.

Off to get ready for a steak dinner with some old friends. I'll try to do regular blogs in the next while.


I was fretting last night, thinking I had lost the 2nd extra key that BMW provides with their bikes that have immobolizer alarms. Two regular keys with alarm fobs plus this little flat plastic key that is a miniature key comparatively but is still electronic and will start the bike! They intend you to keep it in a wallet I suppose, but I put it on a string and hang it around my neck when traveling. Almost lost a key camping once, spotted it on the grass near the table I had just sat down on. And, had no spare with me... .

At the end of the season last year, I thought I would keep it somewhere in the garage ... then I forgot where I put it. Looked for it last night. Looked for it today before the ride. No dice. Now I was getting bothered with myself. After the ride, I re-checked a place I had looked before and there it was! Don't know how I could have missed it last night it was so obvious. I do this too often! Do you suffer from this sort of thing too?

Really must go now.


  1. Ed:

    because I bought my bike pre-owned (used) it only came with one FOB, 2 keys, and the small plastic wallet key. I like to keep a complete set at home but when I travel I need a complete spare set with me so I had to go to the dealer and order another electronic ignition key, which also fits my sidecases. They cannot give you one from stock, it has to be ordered and the serial number of your bike is imbedded into the electronic chip inside. Even if you cut a key somewhere it would not work

    glad you found your spare.

    don't overdue it. It's been a while since you have ridden so ease yourself back into your saddle.

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

    1. I suppose one control fob is good enough, and a second might cost a lot!

      There is a ring antenna the key goes through. It has been known to fail. Some folks carry a spare and plug it in if needed, at the side of the failed unit. Else, it's tow time.

      I felt good yesterday doing the U-turns. That is where i tend to tighten up, which is bad. Was relaxed and concentrating on really cranking my neck around and adding power with the clutch slip as control.

      Bob, our BMWs have dry clutches, so a little of this practice does heat them up. You can smell them! I'm told this is normal and of no concern, but I always give the clutch a rest every 10-15 minutes.

      Finally, I did locate those neat ROK straps you gifted me with - will be very handy, thanks.

      If you can recall the source of those coated steel security straps we discussed, please let me know. You might do a blog entry on them...

  2. Good idea hitting the parking lot for some out of hibernation practice.

    Troubadour just took all the bags off his bike and was running bare the last few days and couldn't believe the weight difference on his Tiger.

    1. Yes, the pannier bags must be 15 lb apiece. And, they do raise the centre of gravity higher I thnk. Will try with them, but must wait for the rain to end.

      Tues foreccast is for snow...???