Thursday, March 13, 2014

So Snowed

I'm tired. Tired of the cold, overcast, and the white stuff.

Yesterday, it snowed all day. By noon, I had shoveled the steps and walk three times. Because we have a workman here, I had to use an ice scraper to loosen the the packed snow before using the shovel. I had also done the driveway twice. That required moving my minivan and the workman's truck and using the scraper, then the shovel. On the third attempt, I realized the stil-falling snow was gaining on me, and that was it for the day.

This morning, I did it again from 0830 to 1015 and then cranked up the small Honda blower to put the snow I had put onto to road onto the lawn.

Then, down to a neighbor's to do hers. That was much easier, it turned out.

So, while Bobscoot enjoys Spring, it's not here yet. But, the sun's rays are warm, and yes, Bob, we are on DST again too!

About the workman. I know Bob will be asking "What are they doing now?". Well Bob, remember that small bathroom at the top of the stairs, with a bathtub? Soon, it will be very similar to the ensuite we just renovated. I'll post the results soon.

That will leave the main ensuite to do over - next year.

So, to forget my aching muscles, I did some web surfing on things bike related. BMW MOA forum, some local accessory shops, camping topics...

Will the weather be good by the end of next week? Will the bike start? I'm not sure about the weather, but pretty sure about the bike - I always use a Battery Tender and get great life from my bike batteries. And, I usually replace the fuel with fresh fuel. A few cranks and away we go!

Can you tell I'm ready for it?



  1. Ed:

    I hope you didn't just jinx yourself about your bike starting . . . I use a battery tender too, all year around, summer or winter it is always connected whilst parked.

    I also forgot to take the tires OFF the cement by putting small pieces of wood underneath. I have not started my bike since last September when I put in the fuel stabilizer and topped up the tank

    When you said workman, I thought of Rodney right away but I guess it wasn't him, otherwise we could have asked him nicely to shovel the snow before he parked.

    Take it easy, don't overdo it. Shoveling snow is strenuous. Not yet Spring here. Warmer but we are getting lots of rain and more to come on the weekend. I thought it was too late in the year for a major snow storm. I heard on the radio -20°c and I couldn't believe my ears.

    One good thing, at least you don't have to commute to work

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

    1. True, being retired is handy.
      Rodney is still down in Florida...

  2. Yikes, that is just too much winter for too long.

    Good thing you can look at bike related stuff on the inter web.

  3. Licensing 2 of my bikes today - 13C here in Duncan, BC.


  4. Ed, I so hear you - enough with the snow already. Keep your finger's crossed that Wednesday's storm was the last blast of winter for this year though it looks like it will be awhile before all this "*&S^$#" stuff melts.

    1. A lot of melt occurred today, although the air was cool. The ski jacket was too hot, the windbreaker too cool ...

  5. Ed it's been torrentially raining here off and one, I think I may need pontoons for my bike. I haven't ventured out on it since October 24th, which seems like eons ago. I think by the end of April I am going to insure and get back out on the road.