Saturday, February 15, 2014

Friends can help ... Samsung / Onkyo ARC problem resolved!

Just came home from dinner with Richard and Nancy. Richard was as puzzled as I about the problems with the TV and receiver.

After much wine and discussion, he asked if I had reset the TV to factory settings. I had been offered this by the technician, but rejected it for no good reason. So, I thought I would try it.


Yes, now all works!

Thanks, Richard!

And, now I can see the Onkyo on-screen settings when watching the Smart TV content too. 


  1. Factory settings eh? Read the manual - advice from the operators of Chernobyl!!! JohnB

    1. I really do hate it when they offer to do a number (large? small?) of changes all at once without telling you what they are going to do...

      But, it is only a TV! And, all worked out.