Thursday, January 9, 2014

Yet Another Reno Complete

Wow, what a year for renovations. We moved into our house in November of 1985. I have previously posted about the kitchen and Home Theatre renos. Now, I am proud to show you our latest:

Guest Room Ensuite Renovation

Our daughter's bedroom was originally equipped with a bath, toilet, and vanity. Pretty good for a teenager, but it was looking pretty dated.

So, friend and contractor Rodney ripped out the old stuff and made the space ready for the bathroom renovator.

Here you can see the "Infinity Drain" that runs where the front edge of the bathtub used to be. There is no need for a threshold you would need to step over to walk into the shower stall. Since we have two other bathtubs (at least for now...), there is no need for a tub in the Guest Room.

And, the shower plumbing roughin is shown here. We opted for a pretty simple set of high quality plumbing fixtures, which you will see later.

Schluter is a company that is known for its shower stall waterproofing products. They make a dandy wall niche for soap and shampoo items.

 And, the product is installed on the walls and floor throughout.

So, now we can see the tiles being installed.

Marek is a perfectionist. He conferred with Dianne to ensure the tiles would be arranged the way she wanted (very intelligent, not his first tiling job) and got right to work.

Notice the Schluter orange membrane on the floor outside the shower stall where he is working.

There is a short entrance hallway into the Ensuite, and Marek continued to work his way out of the room, tiling as he went. Otherwise, he would have had to stay over I guess...

When the tiling was done and cement set up, Rodney was back to put in the vanity, then being the smart fellow he is, he was off to winter in Florida. The next day, I installed the upper cabinet. It was not nearly as hard as expected. I cut holes in the drywall, screwed in substantial pieces of plywood, and mounted the cabinet to the plywood for a secure attachment.

At that point, the shower stall looked like this. It needed a glass enclosure. We had looked at a number of solutions, some pretty fancy but excellent quality sliding panels suspended from a rail, for example, but decided to go with fixed panels and a hinged door.

So, it looks like above...

And like this ...

And like this ...

So, when my Wet Coast friend Bob rides in for his next visit, he should enjoy our latest reno. And, it's likely several other fiends will enjoy this as well.

Dianne does have plans for those other two bathrooms...


  1. Ed:

    Gosh, golly gee I loved that room. It was soooo comfy. and now it's going to be even more comfy. You're teasing me with these new photos. Now I've got to come back and see it for myself.

    I think the shower is better. It seems such a waste to have to fill the whole tub with water. If you are taking reservations put me down for summer 2015, around the July long weekend and make sure your bike is ready to roll

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Your reservation is in the system. Come when you can.

  2. I've already seen the finished product, it looks great. Having experienced a bathroom reno that went several months past the scheduled due date (from a "professional contractor") it's good to hear that your reno went smoothly and according to plan. Will look forward to hearing about and seeing the main bathroom 'refresh', knowing that Dianne's already planning the next round of Kilner home improvements for 2014 !


    1. Thanks N ... Fortunately, there are only two full bathrooms left to renovate. We will get to them, but we need a break from the reno thing.

      Need to sit back and enjoy the coffee for a while.

  3. Very nicely done. My problem with renovations is a lack of faith in contractors and a desire to "do it myself". I guess it's no different than doing my own mechanical work on the bike.

    So what's next?

    1. I understand the lack of faith issue. We have been blessed with getting good contractors. For jobs like bathrooms, I prefer using contractors who have the skills needed.

      Still, there is great satisfaction from a well-done DIY job. It's the well-done part that is scary.

  4. Very nice. I like the touches of the dark wood. Everything goes together so well.

    1. Dianne gets all the credit for the choice of brushed chrome, tile colors, grab bars, towel racks / glass door handles, vanity and cabinet.