Thursday, November 28, 2013

Home Theatre Reno Reveal

Now it can be shown. Ta Da!
My friend Rodney did the majority of the work. He is a contractor and very skilled.

 Lots of framing

 Some upstairs stuff too!

 New lower stairs took a long time to build.

 I had done the drywall and the insulation behind it back in 2010 when Ontario had a rebate program for energy conservation. Now, we added the Delta FL on the floor and covered that with 3/4 inch tongue and groove underlay. The result after carpeting is a nice warm floor.

 Another view of staircase and floor construction.

 Wiring for TV, surround, internet where the TV will go.

 Looking towards storage room door. the powder room and laundry room were constructed back in 2010 and not visible. The powder room wall is behind the stepladder.

 After carpeting.

 From the TV position.

Panning to the right, you can see the surround speaker bracket on the wall, and beyond it, the computer alcove, then the rear bay (which matches the front bay where the TV lives).

 Rodney built an indirect lighting box so I can see the keyboard. I find I need the good lighting as I age.

 You can see the pattern the pot lights make on the carpeting. Nice to have a high ISO capable camera to give a good impression of the colours. I use a Nikon D90 currently.

The supporting posts at the side of the stairs had to be boxed in. Not easy because they were both not vertical in this plane. Then when viewed at 90 degrees to this plane, not vertical in that plane either! So the boxes had to be big enough to fix both orientations and not too big to cause a pinch danger on the handrails. In the end, all is well.

 Sears took 2 weeks to deliver the Sauder TV stand. Not such a big deal since Best Buy took a week and a half to deliver the TV. They failed on the first delivery. Still, they gave me compensation. In the end, I picked it up from the store. Had to take the seats out of the Caravan but then the 65 inch Samsung fit great.

 Lots of hardware, but the Sauder TV stand went together quite nicely.

 I used a trolley to move the TV around, but for safety had someone help me lift it onto the stand.

And, with the help of a neighbor and his son, moved the LazyBoy 3-seater and love seat down from the Family Room. Dianne will redecorate that room for her liking. Just visible on the far right is a bookcase which is adjacent to a cabinet and hutch - John B. would recognize his old stereo cabinet.

So, I have been enjoying the TV and surround setup for a week or so now. The new Onkyo receiver has great sound. Rodney was given a movie night last Friday and he declared the picture and sound was just like at a theatre, which is the whole idea.