Thursday, October 17, 2013

Shania - Still The One

We saw the show last night, and she still is a great entertainer.

The sound system at Caesar's Palace must be directly connected to Hoover dam. The bass was felt strongly. The drummer wore those eyeglasses with a light at each temple - were they ever attention grabbers. Two violinist one one bass ladies in addition to the other musicians made for good music.

Shania mingled with the adoring audience and even invited a few on stage for an around the campfire singalong. Very at home. The setting for that was clearly Northern Ontario. She mentioned Canada a few times. Based on the response, Dianne and I were not the only Canadians there, not by a long shot.

Light show and videos were impressive.

All in all, very enjoyable.

Last day here today, early morning flight tomorrow to SF, then driving to Carmel.


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  1. Ed & Dianne:

    I love Shania . . . I would have gone with you

    have a trip and don't forget Monterey

    Riding the Wet Coast