Tuesday, October 22, 2013

San Francisco

Nearing SF, I turned on the GPS and it helped us get to the St. Francis hotel. Parked under Union Square.

After checking in, went off to do the tourist stuff.

We took the cable car to near Ghiardelli Square. A first for both of us. We hung off the side until seats were available. When cable cars pass each other, you must squeeze close to your car! A treat for sure.

Hot Chocolate at the Square, because it was chilly. More than a little windy too.

Off to Fishermen's Wharf. We looked at all the menus there and at Pier 39. Chose the oldest establishment for dinner. Dianne had chowder and fish and chips. Neither was up to her standards. I had blackened Red Snapper, which was only good.

Back to the hotel for a good sleep.

Walked around Sak's and other places today, checked out, and are at the airport as I write this. Flight is still 3 hours away, so I am catching up on the blog.

All in all, a good vacation, new places and new experiences for Dianne, and some new for me too. A lot of changes since my once regular visits around 1975-1980.


  1. St. Francis Hotel, pretty nice digs…

    The so-so seafood restaurant sounds like Alioto's. At least that was my impression.

  2. Ed:

    When we were there a couple of Junes ago we had to eat something there, to try it out and our meal was not very good either, plus it was pricey. Did you manage to try that GREEN METAL washroom near the pier, the one with the automatic door ? It was neat.

    We didn't spend a lot of time in SFO. We went to the other side to Stinson Beach (near Muir Woods) and you would have loved that winding road to the ocean.

    Riding the Wet Coast