Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monterey - Aquarium & Fisherman's Wharf

The Aquarium was a treat. There was quite a focus on gellyfish, which were beautiful. Sea Otters and lots of other sea creatures made for a nice visit. Don't miss it.

Next door, the Cannery area was a bit too touristy and garish.

The commercial Fisherman's Wharf was a nothing, and the tourist wharf was more of the Cannery. Nice views of the bay from either. Pictures to come.


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  1. Ed:

    A couple of years ago we stayed with a friend in Saratoga (near San Jose) and we did a day trip to Carmel. We didn't stay there long, only long enough to snap a few photos and left south towards Big Sur. We never made it to Monterey but we did get to Santa Clara

    We tend to stay away from touristy or expensive places

    Riding the Wet Coast