Saturday, October 26, 2013

GPS Mystery

Went to Radioworld to get a new cord.

The great guys there tested the old cord and cradle and it worked fine.

One even tried it in the van and this time it worked! I had tried it yesterday with no success.

Not in rental car, nor a pickup in Gilroy, nor my Caravan on return, but now it's fine.

I have no idea why. It may be an intermittent problem in the cord or cable, or a software issue in the unit that does not allow it to turn on.

If the latter, what caused the fix?


  1. Isn't technology great? My GPS has just blanked out a couple of times but then it comes back just as mysteriously as it went.

  2. The best intermittent problems turn solid and then can be fixed. If this is software based, a new firmware issue might fix it. But, this GPS is old enough that a new firmware issue is unlikely.

  3. Ed:

    I told you before that I would do you a big favour and take it away from you. This would solve the intermittent problem and turn it into SOLID

    I mean, you should be thanking me

    I would rather it go solid too, because now I wouldn't trust it

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Bob, I figured by now you would have bought the Zumo 660, you know, the one with the curvy road finder. Since where you live, all the roads are curvy, I figure it would lock up solid and you would have to send it to me ...

      I forgot to try one other thing on the ailing GPS. I carry a hex key to remove the battery. This often does a reset that restores normal operation. This sometimes occurs when changing the SD card. I should have done this reset, but did not think of it.

  4. Was the power outlet in the rental switched? This sometimes happens.

    1. The front one was. A Radio Shack salesman loaned me a USB power plug with an LED and the outlet was fine. There was a second outlet in the console that was unswitched and it too was ok. So, I knew it had to be the unit or the power supply. I think the remove battery and cause a hard reset method would have done the trick. Just did not think of doing that.