Friday, October 11, 2013

20K Km Milestone on BMW R1200RT

Back in September of 2011, I realized a dream - I became the owner of a BMW motorcycle. And what a bike! In a way, I am glad I waited.

Yesterday, I rode it back from the dealer who had just done the 20K Km service. A bit expensive at about $650, but it's just good as new.

It took about 12 seasons to put 40K Km on the Triumph Legend bought new in '00. So, I am way ahead on the BMW. Must be the confidence I have in it.

Not to mention the cross US and Canada trip in 2012, which accounts for almost half the Kms...

Added the cylinder head guards while at it. Hides some scratches and may be needed in the future. Will try hard to avoid more spills, but they do happen.


  1. I don't think I have the nerve to ever get a new bike. The old one still works, I don't really have to worry about it tipping over (any more!) and I don't owe anything on it. I've test rode a couple of new bikes and they have tons of power, better brakes and better handling but can't convince myself that it's worth the cost and the loss of home serviceability.

    1. This was a retirement treat, I had wanted one for decades. I'm very glad I bought it. Never one to do my own maintenance,so will stick with the dealer for a while, at least the next year. My dealer is very good.

  2. Ed:

    I bought my R1200R used last September and it had around 22k on it. This summer I put on another 20k. I did all the major maintenance on it before my trip so I should be good for a couple of years. They say spline lubes and brake flushes every 2 years or 40K

    I take my bike to an independent mechanic who knows how to work on Bikes, not necessarily BMW's but so far he has managed to do everything, except reset the service indicator

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Bob, your trip must have accounted for about 12,000 km this year, but still, you did quite a bit more as well. Very impressive. To reset the light, you could buy a GS911 box that reads codes and resets them. You could share the cost with a buddy, maybe? The consumer version has a limit to the number of bikes it can be used on. Or, ask a dealer. I've read some will do this for twenty dollars, and some won't do it at all. They may do it where you bought it for free?