Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fall Color Trip 3 & Mystery Farkle

Well, the farkle is a GoPro 3 Black Edition. I've had it from just before the pneumonia problem, and have not really done much with it on the bike. But, I did something yesterday on the color ride - about an hour of video was recorded.

Now, an hour of video is just too boring for most of us. Imagine how it must be to edit that amount! And, while learning about editing too.

The little video I have added here (assuming I can figure out how to do so) took an hour or so to upload to YouTube using GoPro Studio 2, just released. Not too bad, but do read the manual - carefully.

Oh, it's ready now....

Since they offered to stabilize it, ok

So, this is just a test really and I need to select some other segments, but it's too late now.

Hope you like this first installment. I just checked it and it seems to show ok. Full screen on a 24 inch monitor is not the greatest, but I am going to have to figure out why.

Oh, the camera was tilted a bit as well, I am fighting to find a way to mount it on the fairing so it is secure and maybe not so jiggly. Bobscoot has a great mount, but I don't have the round bars to do a direct copy. And, my windscreen is much bigger than his too, so it would always be in-shot as well.

I will try to give a few hints on using the free GoPro Studio v2 software. Supposedly, using it is supposed to give superior results, but low resolution upgrades on YouTube are a problem.

Hints are welcome.


  1. Ed:

    what output options are available ? do you have any screen shots of the possible settings ? or do you have no choice ? Do you know the bit rate of your output file ?

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Bob, the settings are basically defaults for filming and defaults for uploading. Not enough spare time to fool with it all week, so don't have the detail you requested. May just be an inherent limitation in quality using YouTube, or more likely compression artifacts. I will look into it on my return.

      Then, I will be able to set up the Home Theatre and have the time to become proficient, as you are already.

      I still admire that neat mount on your bike and might be able to find a way to duplicate it. Bigger windscreen may defeat this...