Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fall Color Trip 3 & Mystery Farkle

Well, the farkle is a GoPro 3 Black Edition. I've had it from just before the pneumonia problem, and have not really done much with it on the bike. But, I did something yesterday on the color ride - about an hour of video was recorded.

Now, an hour of video is just too boring for most of us. Imagine how it must be to edit that amount! And, while learning about editing too.

The little video I have added here (assuming I can figure out how to do so) took an hour or so to upload to YouTube using GoPro Studio 2, just released. Not too bad, but do read the manual - carefully.

Oh, it's ready now....

Since they offered to stabilize it, ok

So, this is just a test really and I need to select some other segments, but it's too late now.

Hope you like this first installment. I just checked it and it seems to show ok. Full screen on a 24 inch monitor is not the greatest, but I am going to have to figure out why.

Oh, the camera was tilted a bit as well, I am fighting to find a way to mount it on the fairing so it is secure and maybe not so jiggly. Bobscoot has a great mount, but I don't have the round bars to do a direct copy. And, my windscreen is much bigger than his too, so it would always be in-shot as well.

I will try to give a few hints on using the free GoPro Studio v2 software. Supposedly, using it is supposed to give superior results, but low resolution upgrades on YouTube are a problem.

Hints are welcome.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Colors Trip 2

We stayed in Bancroft last night. Morning saw brisk temperatures and fog. By 10 am, all was sunny and blue skies, so off we went.

Twenty km north we turned left onto Peterson Road. Twisty, hilly, wonderful fall colors. Will post a movie, if it actually worked... . At some point, south to Harcourt, then on to Gooderham. We were just south of Algonquin Park, the premiere park in Ontario. At a little coffee shop, the owner told us we hit the peak of the fall colors, which is a bit early this year.

South from there, via the 507, we enjoyed super twisties, and more colors. 41 km of great riding road. Saw many bikes heading North, two up quite frequently, so folks were taking Friday off to have a mini-vacation. I figure the word had spread about the color peak.

On the 507, there was a near miss, with a mouse. The mouse was racing across the road from the left as I approached. About a foot from my front tire, the mouse put on the brakes, turned and raced back, staying alive. I saw it close, Rodney from behind. He said it was hilarious and I agree. This was the second incident for me in two days.

Yesterday, a bird was walking on the road crossing from the right as I approached. It was moving slowly and I knew it had plenty of time to avoid my front tire. Except, it chose suicide by BMW. Rodney saw it all, I just felt a little crunch. Apparently, the bird was ejected left at high speed. When fueling this morning, I found a feather between two parts of the fairing. Sorry, Dear birdie, I meant no harm.

From the bottom of the 507, we passed Lindsay, down the 35 to the 57 side road. Another fine road. Took it to Port Perry, where we visited the Tim Horton's there. A favorite spot for motorcyclists. Three BMWs and we must have chased the HDs away.

From there, urbanity took over. Traffic and road work. Broke the trip to visit my daughter, who is doing well after a bit of surgery last week. Then, back home.

All in all three days of riding, a bit over 1100 km. and, just turned over the 20,000 km mark. Ow. This service will hurt a bit... .

Nice trip, and nice to be back.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Colors Trip

Left Toronto yesterday morning. The 401 was really busy, and when I met up with Rodney, we decided to take the 407 Toll road. At the end of it, we chose to continue East on Hwy 7, which is a two lane highway to Ottawa.

Good choice. In the middle of the week, traffic was very light, no passing hassles at all. The bike is ideal for this kind of road. I had been on 7 many times, but the trees were just turning color, and it was as if it was my first time on it.

Then we hit Ottawa rush hour traffic. Civil servants were heading across the bridges to Quebec, driving with viciousness. Rod and I were heading to his brother's in nearby Buckingham. The clutch hand did not cramp, but came close to it. Th GPS would have taken me there, but Rod led. Our hosts provided beer and we were driven to a sister's home for steak dinner and wine. I contributed a South African Nederburg, one of my favorites, which pleased the wine conessieur brother-in-law.

This morning, we went for a great ride through the Quebec hills and twisties to have breakfast with and additional three of his sisters. He has eight siblings, you see.

Then the best trip via Renfrew to Bancroft. Marvellous scenery. Winding roads, hills and valleys, colored leaves.

More of the same tomorrow. Will try to take some photos, but it can be tricky to find a safe spot to stop. We'll see what we can do.