Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bob's On His Way Again

Bob stayed with us for two nights. He said he enjoyed the stay and we sure enjoyed having him visit. Two days of Dianne's cooking made for a happy Bob.

I wanted to ride a ways with him. We left western Mississauga at 0800 as was his wish. I lead the way to the 401 and off west we went. After we settled down and I was sure he was ok with the heavy truck traffic, I turned the lead over to him. We stayed that way for an hour or so, until I knew the service centre just east of London was coming up. I took the lead and we went into the centre. After a while he took off for a family meeting and I went off to return a pair of rain boots. Those of you who followed my blog last year will recall I had two left foot boots. Crazy Al's cheerfully gave me a new pair - after checking there were a left and right boot.

I see Bob has made good progress towards Chicago. Way to go Bob!

Thanks for dropping by our home - you are welcome to return at any time and we both hope that will be soon.

And, do stay safe and happy on that great adventure.

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  1. Having Bob drop by is good for web traffic. I just added you to my moto-blog list and will be looking at older posts.

    Another Blogsy user!