Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Painted Garage Floor

I figured the concrete floor in the garage had cured enough to take some paint. I understand that you should not paint new concrete. The floor had been poured in 1985, so I figured it was ok by now.

So, I moved the bike out to sit with the cars.


And, eventually, this is what the results were...

Door closed, nice floor showing. I wonder how long it will hold up like this?


I did the floor in two halves, washed on Saturday, pained left side on Sunday morning. It was so hot the paint dried quickly.



Had to move a bunch of stuff to the right side and did not want to put it outside since there was rain coming.


And, eventually, the right side was painted and dry by 4pm Monday, just before those huge thunderstorms hit Toronto, just to the East. I was in the shower for the heavy rain that added 1.5 inches to my swimming pool.


Shortly after the shower (mine, that is), the power went out. Outage was from 6:10 to about 10:50 or so.

Spent the time well, though. I put out the garbage before it got too dark to see what I was doing. Ron and Adele were sitting in their small porch, so I got a glass of wine and joined them. We had a nice conversation while listening to their battery-powered radio. Lots of flooding, 200,000+ people with no power. major highways shut down. GO Train system shut down because the tracks were flooded. I was delighted to be safe at home, with good neighbours, and gosh, conversation!

So, there is still work to be done cleaning up the garage and organizing it better, but maybe not today, given it is still overcast, hot, and humid.


  1. I love my new garage as well as the fact that they offer a Lifetime Warranty on their product.. polished concrete floors

  2. You did a good job painting your garage floor, Edward! How's everything in your garage now? What I would suggest is that you tackle one task at a time for a better result. You can also visit trusted sellers for tools and materials to aid you.

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