Friday, June 14, 2013

Farkle: Luxurylite Camp Cot

I discovered this high tech cot on the web a couple of years ago. It promises no discomfort from side to side supports. See it here:

So far, I have set it up once on my family room floor. I like a firm mattress and it delivers! It also allows me to turn on my side easily. Nice and long, nice and wide-and it sets up as easily as advertised.

I was worried about strength. I am now down to 200 lb, but that is too much and I am going down slowly. The cot spec is for 350, and it feels like it could do that easily.

I like it and look forward to a real trial. Yes, it is expensive, but after about 4 motel room avoidances it will be free, and then earn money! Except for the lack of TV.

This weekend would have been a natural, as it is the Ride For Sight event here in Ontario. I wimped out. It has been very wet, and I expected the site to be a mud field. Rodney is there and said the field is dry and the beer is cold. But, I was not packed and just don't feel up to it yet. Sunday morning is predicted to be wet. That seems to be a rule when I go camping, how about you?

I did ride yesterday, down to MEC in Burlington to buy the cot. Did much the back road way, to avoid the slab. Nice but short ride. Today, I cleaned the driveway, front walk, and a bit in the garage. Very tired. I had hoped that by now I would have fully recovered from my Pneumonia and lung decortication operation, but I must admit it is not yet a full recovery. I want to do things, but get tired easily. Upper arm strength is still elusive.

The weather has been terrible, so I have not really lost a lot, perhaps. Oh well, just must keep on with exercise and maybe short trips.

Stay tuned.

Mystery Farkle report still to come.


  1. Ed:

    I've read about these but have never seen one packed up. I have a self inflating pad . . . wanna trade ?

    Mine is still unused. I am hoping to try it out on my trip next month

    don't overdue it, take it easy and try to get better before you do more serious riding

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Fabric is about 72 by 26. Folds to 36 by 13. 13 width wraps around the 12 circular feet which are held together by the side support rods (when folded up) and the side-to-side rods. Whole thing fits inside the bike’s panier cases.

      I too have a Thermarest pad. In summer, may not need one on top of the cot, just a sleeping bag, or even a blanket if it is hot.