Friday, May 17, 2013

First Ride of Season!

Late first ride this year. I have been doing a lot of walking and yard work exercise and am feeling very good these days. Weather improved today (17 C) and half the deck is stained, so ...

I took the bike out of the garage. Noticed how easy it was to raise the sidestand and deploy it again. That's due to the Touratech foot extender. Damn fine item.

Put on the Roadcrafter. I've lost twenty ponds and it still fits. In fact, fits great.

Motored off. As usual, very careful out the cul-de-sac and over the main road to the traffic light. Foot down securely, then off for a ride.

Not an exciting ride and only 40 km long, but it felt fine. At first, I thought the hip cramps would attack, as they always do on the first ride, but I was able to hold them off. Never had a problem on the rest of the ride. That is likely due to the Touratech 20mm bar risers. Modest rise and no additional rearward movement but felt quite good. Not really noticeable - that's probably an indication of correct rise. Sure felt good.

On the way back, I stopped at the local Go train station ( commuter train). On Sundays, it's empty and great for practicing low speed tight turns. I was surprised how empty it was today, a Friday before a long weekend. It had lots of empty space at the north end, so...

The idea is to keep your head up and crank your head right around to look where you want to end up - not to look dead ahead and down at the road. I always had trouble with this before. No trouble today. The bar risers let me sit straight up, or almost, and I found it much easier to turn my head. Much tighter turns, felt really in control. Boy, it felt great! The bike feels a bit smaller and more nimble. Don't know if 20mm can make that much of a difference, but if it does, I am grateful. I'll be back there on Sunday, for more practice. If I can learn to really manoever the bike better in low speed tight turns, I'll be very happy. It's got to be the improved riding position.

The GPS was positioned a bit differently. A barbell connector-type of RAM arm lets me use a small arm and a large arm to be able to move it around. I am still experimenting. May get a second large arm. Not really long and it may cause too much vibration. We'll see. The GPS is likely always going to block a portion of the speedometer, but that is acceptable. May use a different handlebar bolt hole for the RAM ball mount to move it a bit left, providing no interference with the clutch hydraulic reservoir results. Or not.

So, the farkles are a great success!

And, yes, for the observant, the secret farkle is still secret, for a few more days.