Friday, March 29, 2013

Latest Farckles for Bike

Enough about sickness, let's talk Farkles!

Touratech Bar Risers

Last year I added peg lowering, but still wanted to get bar risers. The Touratech ones go straight up 20mm and no backwards offset. Seemed to be a reasonable kit. So, I ordered them.

Easy to install, except - my dealer provided me with a RAM ball on a special bolt for the the GPS. Needed a longer one, which he did not have available. The RAM folks do, for $10. Works. Just not sure the aluminum 70mm bolt is strong enough or long enough. Going to try to find a 75mm stainless bolt.

Touratech Sidstand Foot Enlarger

Got the $45 one, not the $80 size. Should be fine. Sitting out there, awaiting installation. Right side incisions are saying, not today, Ed...

This will be about the easiest install ever, 3 bolts. But, the bending down...

Secret Farkle

Have lusted for one of these for a while. Will tell you what it is later.

Garmin Map Updates

Maps now up to date. Was an exercise. Secret seems to be update the computer only, then the GPS unit.


  1. I love farkles! You can never have enough as far as I'm concerned. I think I am going to order the sadle bag brackets today and get on with getting Scarlet rigged up. Glad to see you back in blog world. Hope you are feeling a little better, take it easy and rest as much as you can. I bet Mrs Triumphant is saying the same thing.

  2. Thanks Dar. Dianne has been her usual supportive self. She is now exhausted and will become more so as she throws herself into housework … can’t stop a hard-working newf!

    She did take me over to the lake for a walk. Wonderful. Will do it again tomorrow.

    You women are just too insightful – us guys can’t hope to keep up.

  3. Replies
    1. Actually, not too badly. I am going to get the surgical tapes off today (OP + 2 weeks; discharge + 7 days) and if the snow is not too heavy, a walk in the park. Need the exercise.

      Bike remains unfarkled. Need a stainless M8 75mm bolt that is hard to find, to finish the bar risers. Bike is on the sidestand and I can't lift it onto the centre stand for weeks yet - but, I have a fine neighbor who can, so maybe later in the week ... on with the 3 bolts to secure the sidestand extender.

      Secret farkle - still secret.

  4. Ed:

    don't overdo it. take it easy. If you were local I could have brought over 3 of those M8 75mm bolts. I just can't stand to see things disassembled waiting for parts

    Keep adding the farkles. It keeps your mind active and thoughts in dream mode

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. 3 Bolts!, I've only got.... oh, no, that's a different joke.

      OK, I am exercising, walking around the local lake. Need to do this to exercise the lung and regain full expansion. Also, my legs and arms need the exercise. Lost about 20 pounds and much of it probably was muscle, but indeed some fat too. I need to lose more fat, gain more muscle. If I don't, it will be a short riding season.

      Thanks again for the good cheer.

  5. Ed - how are you doing this week?

  6. I am doing well this week. Just got back from my walk around Lake Aquitane. Did 2 long laps,about 2km with one down/up hill section. Recently, could only do 1 short and one long circuit because the hill caused heavy breathing. This diminished every circuit, but the knees complained! Today, knees ok and breathing almost normal on the hill. Guess I can't call it Mount Everest anymore... . Off to the surgeon on Thursday for a checkup, but I think he will be pleased. And, still losing weight, a bit slower than in hospital. Down 20lb and liking it. Will try to lose more and build muscle not fat. Can't even think of wrestling with the R1200RT just yet, but will keep exercising and when the weather gets nice and I get strong - there will be some traveling done.

    Thanks for your concern.