Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Death Came for a Chat

For those of you who had to struggle to read the black-on-black original version, my appologies. The entry was composed on the iPad and posted via the desktop where some invisible hand did a fine job making it tough to read. Hope this is a bit better. 

It seems I'm not fit for him yet. Which is fine, but still un-nerving, and, well, way too soon. The earlier time, the prostrate cancer, just seemed so much more real than pneumonia. More technical.

Pneumonia makes it hard to breathe, so, without normal oxygen levels, you are very weak. Last Wednesday, or ???, Dr Price showed me my X-rays. Dianne, Suzanne, several nurses too. A teaching moment for me and likely others. On admission, the right lung was not functional, but recovered and was not in play. The right was crazy pushed flat by water at the back and between the three lobes. An initial small chest tube was followed by a fire hose, installed in the OR. Dr Segretti did the first, bedside, and he was very good at it. Dr Berzadi did the big one and got the thickened water trapped under each lobe to flow. He was the one calling the shots from then on. But, Dr Price was instructional and supportive. A great team should you need one, and I did. So, my thanks to them all. Lifesavers,they are.

Unless I deteriorated in blood oxygen saturation overnight, I will be discharged this morning. It will be great to be home, but decidedly not normal. Too weak. Must exercise and rest. Build strength. More on that later.

And indeed, I was discharged, am at home, recovering. Naturally, the main floor toilet float thingy failed, so will need to go shopping. 4 deg C, and getting warmer. So, great time to start walking and re-join all of the living.

Dianne did the shopping, and my good neighbor Joe did the installation. Many thanks Joe.

For those of you who were sending me best wishes, they were most appreciated.

More later.


  1. Ed - I hope you get on the mend quickly! That is so frightening. Rest up my friend and get well! Sending you healing recovery vibes and wishes!

  2. Ed:

    I had no idea that you were ill. I had pneumonia when I was much younger but I don't remember much about it except I was in the hospital.

    You just never know what life's challenges will throw at you, or what the future holds. Take it easy, get some rest. The weather is turning and soon you will be able to sit outside and breathe in the warmth of the sun and listen to the birds, watch the clouds, feel the wind in your face and Just Be.

    be thankful for modern medicine and competent Doctors, and be thankful for another chance at living

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Hi Ed,

    I hope you are much better now. I was shocked reading your entry really. I thought you were enjoying Vegas, not chatting with that fellow.

    Get well soon. Will call you soon. Just giving you some time to recover.

    Mehmet Gok