Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shoei Neotech Modular Helmet

This is my third modular and is better than the Nolan or HLD. That would be better by light years.


Much quieter, due to the great fit. Throat sealing is far better.

Wider view port, and the visor has a nice ratchet, plus pinlock insert. I needed one of those on that long June trip as there was a lot of rain leading to fogging of the visor. Pin receptacles are out of normal field of view, have to swivel eye to see them.

There is a slider on the left. Move it up and down comes a sun visor. Yes! Wide and tall, it is far superior to the magnetic clip ons for my eyeglasses.

Still, the best feature is the venting. I wear a skull cap under the helmet so I can put it on without bending my glasses out of shape. I also sweat a lot through my head. Lovely day yesterday, but sunny, and by the time I got on helmet, gloves, wrestled bike around on the sloped driveway at the helmet shop, I could feel the heat in the helmet. Got underway, onto the hi way at the end of the driveway, and ... on the top of my head, it felt like an alcohol rub! Wow, does it work great.

Recommended HIGHLY!

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