Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm Clumsy...

... just have too little upper body strength, because ...

On the way to Watkins Glen, NY

I dropped the bike twice!

Both times on the right side. At a stop. Sloping right road or shoulder.

Pissed at myself no end.

Damage to bike: scratches on right pannier ( matches the left one now). Scratches to right valve cover (match for the left one now too). Right rider peg snapped off. Replaced with the rear passenger peg in minutes.

I was pleased the peg shaft sheared off and not the peg lowering add-on. Thanks Suburban Machinery!

Damage to me: Bruised my left upper thigh, deep and not visible but stiff. Was ok on the return trip and we did go the slow way through towns, lots of stops. Stupidly had put my thick wallet in the Aerostitch suit's upper right pocket, just below my breast and against my ribs. Lucky I did not break a rib on the first fall.

Healing fine now.


  1. Edward:

    Oh No ! Sorry, been busy the last while. We've all done it so nothing to feel bad about. Just hope that the damage is minor

    Riding the Wet Coast
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    1. Thanks Bob.

      Yes the damage was minor. A few scratches on the right hard bag now match the ones on the left bag from my hairpin in BC drop...

      You seem to be having a bad time with your photos. I feel badly for you.

  2. Ed -I just saw your post now, my life has been upside down & I haven't been riding or on the Internet. You doing ok? The deep bruises are the worst, take forever to heal. Bikes can be fixed, don't sweat it, your ok which is more important.

    1. Thanks for the concern. I have been healing. Now, after a month, my left upper thigh still gets stiff if I am sitting too long. The right ribs are still healing, but I only notice them once in a while.

      Again, thanks for the concern.

    2. Ed - I hurt my thigh in the same place and it has taken close to 24 months to heal. It still hurts particularly after riding a lot or like yourself sitting on a hard chair. Hope you are completely on the mend now :)

  3. Sorry to hear about that. Hang in there.

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  5. Glad to know you didn't hurt yourself too bad... It's great that you kept going!


  6. Hi Nicole. Zero speed lay downs seldom cause real hurt. Part of the game. Thanks for the comment.