Sunday, July 8, 2012

Packing the Bike

As you will see, I packed too much. This is what all novice long distance riders do. You are supposed to take a shorter trip to eliminate the un-needed stuff. Yeah.

Start with the photo stuff. Used the wide angle and the normal zoom. Not the flash and did use the point and shoot.
 Bought the red octopus and added a 3-outlet on my return. Motels don't have many unused outlets. Rodney needed his share on the westward journey, so you can't skimp here.
Used a lot of bubble wrap. the little jar is full of dessicant for my two in-ear hearing aids. One was DOA Duncan, maybe vibration. Not a good decision to pack them in the jar. The  other two items are water/coffee bottles. Thermal. Very good. Very necessary.
Headlamp and backup LED flashlights. Would take them again, yes, makes 3, and no, did not need any...but yes, necessary to take.
Misc. locks and chains. Did not use. Likely stay behind.
Most of this was not used. Still, would likely take again.
Did use the fleece on John's boat. Packed in the vacuum bag, it takes a minimum of space. Will seek a lighter, more compact solution.
The Canadian Tire shopping bags were bought because I was sure the hard bag liners were not coming. Wrong, but took them, did not use them... The rolled up item is the waterproof, non-breathable liner from my Joe Rocket mesh jacket. Did not need, leave next time.
Bag liner. Yes! although I did not use them the way I thought. Will re-think what to put inside.
Tilley hat, socks. Recommended. Socks are a bit thin under boots, but dry overnight and are seamless, so no chafing. Gotta have and take.
Did not use the hat, UV shirt for swimming, or long underware. Will take on cooler trips, but who knows when it will turn cold?
More swim stuff I did not use, but likely will take again.
Shower shoes and foam for DSLR protection. Yes!
Electronics. Did not use most of it. Had Suzanne's little iPod Nano that I used a lot, did use memory cards and iPad Camera Connector Kit. Did not use camera remote release. Did not connect D90 to motel room TV via HTML but did have the cable...
Did not use the oil, tire guage, compressor, or misc screwdriver, hex wrenches, knives, ...
Will find a way to reduce bulk and weight here. Likely need only 1/4 litre oil..
Previous stuff is pretty compact.
Tire plugger, web, emergency triangle - never used. Will take again. White and gold mesh bags for drying laundry used once, one white bag good enough.
Repeat of unused locks and chain.
More unused stuff. Fanny pack, bag with electronics, in the box, first aid kit, two pairs of spare glasses ( if you have eyes like mine, ... ) shopping sac (foldable), and the magic Torx  kit, a BMW thing.
The big green bag on the passenger seat. Would like to avoid this next trip. Or, keep it to 6 inches high, max.
Dress clothes. Never ...
Yes, wax, Lysol wipes Kimpex bike cover. All never used. Did use 1 of 4 oil filters, wrench for them, and crush washer.
Repeat. You need one of these.
And to finish, this is what I discovered right at departure, two left feet! Forced the right foot and it soon failed. Have to see about a replacement, but the Mink Oil I took, with a rag, kept the boots dry.

So, there you are!

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