Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My B'day Friday 13th

Yes, was even a Friday the day I was born.


Dianne and Suzanne decided I needed a new BBQ to replace the old one, so ...

 The old Broil King was a Soverign, this is a larger Soverign XL.

It was easy to assemble, but the single box weighed 200 lbs, and was a lot to unload from the Caravan. Neighbors are a necessity for this.

Dianne wanted the rotisserie burner and the side burner. The Weber with all that and the Sear Station was $2700... Turns out the 4 burners each have a control knob and a vertical metal divider. Can turn the left one right up, right one at Med or lower. Then can sear left just fine, cook right.

And the pot burner is for boiling corn on the cob, among other things.


Every Friday the 13th, bikers descend on Port Dover. I have done this three times, but 200 thousand folks is too busy for me.

So, Budd's BWM organized a ride that included breakfast and lunch.

We all had a great time.


  1. Wow that is quite the 'man' stove you got for your birthday!!! I have never thought of the 13th as unlucky, its the 14th which is bad, because everyone is trying to be so careful on the 13th and then on the 14th people let their guard down.

    Happy belated birthday!

  2. Thanks, Dar!
    Too bad we were unable to meet when I was out your way. Perhaps we may meet in the future. In any case, I still follow your blog.

  3. Ed it has been such a busy time the last couple of months, I always seem to be running out of time on the weekends. Which is the case today, it's 11:30pm & I am still doing laundry & trying to get ready for Monday morning. Hopefully in the future things will slow down enough that we will meet up.