Sunday, July 29, 2012

Glass Photograpy Experiment

I have a great how-to photo book. "Light Science and Magic" by Hunter, Biver, & Fuqua, 3rd Edition is well written, beautifully illustrated, and has an approach that I have not seen in any other photo book. Yes, my photo book experience is limited, so there may be similar books - I'd like to know if there are. My library here in Mississauga, ON does not have them.

I first read the book two years ago, and re-read it just weeks ago. Still don't have all the diffuser material and reflectors and black cards (the latter to hold back light from certain areas). So, the photos I am going to show you don't follow the book's methods precisely, and maybe not at all.

Editing has been done with Nikon software, Capture NX2.

We bought a new wine decanter to replace the one I broke washing it in the sink. The book spends a lot of time describing how to light glass, a difficult thing to do. Here are my attempts with the wine decanter:

The decanter is on our kitchen table, lit by light from the bay window to the decanter's left and behind. Edges are defined, although the composition is a bit cluttered.

Adding the wine bottle defined the left upper edge of the decanter better. Composition still cluttered.

But, it was quick and easy. Now I must re-read the book and try to do it much better.

While on the topic, here is another wine bottle, alas empty, although the emptying was great:

I first tasted this wine in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2008. Dianne and I had just arrived there for a 3 week vacation with Peter and Susan Blake. Peter opened a bottle of this wine. It became my favourite. On the vacation, we visited the vineyard and met the owner. Peter asked for 6 cases of the wine. The owner, in a nice and gentle voice, indicated there was nothing he would like better than to sell Peter 6 cases, but if he did so, there would be an entire country that would go without this year's quota! He did give Peter the name of a Johannesburg agent, and Peter did get more of this fine wine. When Peter visits me in Canada, I sometimes get a bottle, to be saved for a special occasion.

Thank you Peter!

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