Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pool Day

Does not mean a lot of swimming...

We have a suction style pool cleaner. We call it George. Suzanne named the first one George back in 1986, and this must be George III or IV.

We have a pool ladder. George loves the pool ladder. Snuggles right up, pokes its hose between the ladder and the vinyl liner, and vibrates. All night. ...

So, I've been trying to fill the gap with something. Went on a shopping odessey today. Finally found some foam intended to fit into your eavestrough. Triangular, put two pieces together and you get a rectangle. I attached this with plastic cable ties. While I was in the water.

Will advise if it worked.

Then, removed two deck screws that had become proud. Dianne said they would rip her bare feet. I said she should avoid bare feet on the wooden deck. So, after that,I removed the screws and hammered a couple of proud nails down for good measure.

Having a beer now.

Reading RoadRunner magazine. I like it. Planning my next trip. Likely to go back to Pennsylvania, based on this issue and past experience. Must visit Lakawaxen. Why? Because in 1870, my grandmother, Mary Kilner (née Brennan) was born there before her family moved to Manchester, England. She died in 1950. One of my earliest memories is of her funeral, at the gravesite. Dad told me to stay in the car. He is buried there with her too. So is my mother. Sort of a pilgrimage to go to Lakawaxen, where she was born. Closing a big circle, so to speak.

Reflecting on yesterday's ride with Emma as passenger. When I had a Honda 350, I thought Suzanne might like to ride with me, when her legs were long enough to reach the pegs. Never happened. Sold the bike before then. So, instead, her daughter got the ride. And, pleased the old man no end.

When Dianne told me Emma wanted a ride, the first thing I asked was if Suzanne knew about this and was told Suzanne even knew I had a second helmet in my garage. Never knew Suzanne was interested in the copious stuff in my garage until then... Had to consider the risks, but in the end, I am glad I took her for the short ride, on quiet streets, on level ground. I think it was successful. Maybe Emma will comment on this and tell me ( and all 3 others who read this blog ) what she thinks. (hey, notice the italics? I love Blogsy!)

Enough bogging for today.

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