Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Computer / Clean Bike

Picked up new computer yesterday and was up late getting it going. Had to take it back to get the right program to play blu ray discs. Then, had to play with the drives. Did it wrong last night, fixed it today.

Now have a solid state drive C: to boot from, E: for programs and likely the page file, and F: which is a raid 1 array of 2x 1TB drives. BluRay Reader/ DVD / CD Burner. 8GB RAM. 8 core AMD processor. ATI VGA / DVI / HDMI Graphics card. Boots in less than 60 seconds.

Now adding programs and testing as I go. Will take days. Skype works fine. Capture NX2 works but needs settings. Will calibrate monitor tonight, but looks great already.

Need to be ready for paying assignment starting after July 1.

Always frustrating;always a treat. " What the hell? Did I make that same mistake again? "

Oh, I washed the BMW 1200RT. Took about an hour. Looks great.

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