Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A few photos - catching up - mixture

Rodney is unloading rain gear just in time. He needs a half-hour minimum, which is why I have an Aerostitch suit. Which is Hot when the temp is 33 C, as it is right here. Down the road, the wind gusts cooled me down fast
This shot was suosed to show the thunderstorm - instead it looks like nice weather.


This shows the coming storm better. Going through the pass down the road, we saw lightning strike the same spot repeatedly - way off to the left. Thanks to the tower or whatever that got hit - the wind gusts were fierce enough for us.
Rodney and I did not puke on the ferry. It was rolling side to side a bit, no bikes fell over, for which I am delighted.

I have more, but not on the blog. Will post on Flickr, eventually.


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