Thursday, June 28, 2012

Emma's First Ride

Emma and Poppy depart new house

On our way down the road

Dianne and I were asked to pick up Emma from her last day of Grade 6. When she heard I was coming on the bike, she asked if I might give her a ride.

Brought over an extra helmet, and gave her a long discussion of how bikes lean, where to hold on, how to tell me to stop doing something ( pound on back until I conform ). She is a figure skater, does stuff that would make me faint. As a result, she did not get scared and leaned with me. Perfect passenger.

We went around the block then over to the new house. Closing day today, and a nice house. Then a few more turns around the neighborhood and a few blocks back home.

Emma really enjoyed having her playmates see her arrive on a motorcycle, and enjoyed the whole experience.

I did not bring the camera connection kit, so will post some pics as soon as I can. Unlike most times, I was not fully geared up. I wanted maximum flexibility with Emma on the back as it has been a while since I had a passenger and never on the BMW. In the end, it was a piece of cake.

Careful? Of course.

Emma, thank you for being such a good, relaxed passenger.

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