Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day - 6 Goodbye to Montana

Late start due to high gusty wind warnings. Into the mountains now, cold, some snow on the ground, but dry roads. In Butte having a coffee and stretching our legs.

Quite a change from yesterday's 33 C temps. Suit is wind proof and the electric vest is great.

I am disappointed with the lack of turnouts to take photos from. Too dangerous to stop on the shoulder. Not really heavy traffic, but enough, and trucks plus motor home units are plentiful.

Time to go. Will post more later today. Trying to make it to Spokane, but that might be a stretch.

Looks like only a hundred miles to Spokane, and it's 4:30. Wait, that's Mountain time! As soon as we get into WA, we go to Pacific time zone, and it's only 3:30.

Crossed Montana into Idaho, down the pass. Only 7 C, wet, so I was concerned about ice. None about, which was good, very very good.

Having a coffee at McD's. Need a break, and time to warm up. Hard to believe yesterday's temp of 33 C.

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  1. Just checked out your trip on the google map. I can't believe how far you have traveled in such a short time. Glad to see you following your dream.
    your cuz