Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day - 3 arrived in Kadoka, SD

Left at about 8am cdst and proceeded west on I-90. The slab is supposed to be boring, but Rodney agrees it was anything but. First time for both of us on this road, and it's very pretty. Pictures? No turnouts, so none. Wait for tomorrow and then the mountains.

Bikes running perfectly. I fuel when Rodney does, even though I have a half tank left, just to dismount and flex a bit. Makes a world of difference when resuming.

Surprisingly little traffic. This is not the 401, folks. Well behaved drivers. Speed limits keep rising, but Rodney wants to not stress the 1981 Yamaha Seca, so about 70 is our speed. We get passed by truck/motor home units... It is safe this way, and we are doing great on progress.

McDonalds has free wifi. Not a single interchange in Minnesota lacks one, plus several gas stations. Not one in SD as yet! Ate lunch in a 1940's diner.

Ok for now.


  1. Glad your trip is going well. Wet start but sounds good.


  2. I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to catch up your past two days. Stay safe.
    Your Cuz Kathy