Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day - 24 The Ride to Home

Last day of riding - about a half day, should be home around noon.

Was raining lightly leaving Sudbury. Let up just before Parry Sound. May clear more, or not...

First gas station was closed, but I had dismounted before figuring this out. First pump at second station was not working, but again, I had dismounted. Moved, gassed, got going. In the rain.

Perhaps fitting that the trip started and ended in rain. There was a lot of rain on the trip. I was thankful for the Aerostitch suit and the Gears heated vest.

Time to get moving...

South of Barrie now, noon arrival looks doable. When I left Parry Sound, it was raining again, but cleared up. Still grey overcast day.

Toronto area has been having a heat wave. Seems I have not to worry about that today. Usual heavy hwy 400 traffic - yes, Peter, I will be careful.

Arrived home just after noon. Found Dianne and neighbors trimming front yard trees. My job was to go buy beer and wine. We had a nice light lunch. Unpacking and other jobs - tomorrow will suffice. Will do some calculations on total distance, etc and post those too.

I am surprisingly not sore, not exhausted, but am happy to be home. Bike needs cleaning badly, and is slightly overdue for the 12,000 km service.

New desktop was ordered before I left, it may be ready tomorrow or soon...


  1. Welcome home, weary traveller, to proper home cooking. Between McD and Boston Pizza Ed, you're lucky to still be alive. If the road don't getcha, the greasy spoons will. Yeeah.

  2. Welcome home my dear cousin. I'm sure you will have many stories to tell. Be sure to get some well deserved rest. Thank God you are safe and sound.
    Love your cuz Kathy