Friday, June 22, 2012

Day - 22 Dryden ON to points East

4 hours to Thunder Bay, 4 more to Marathon. This is a big province.

Have had breakfast. Could walk to it from the Comfort Inn. Did not have to gear up and ride to it assuming there was one nearby.

A beautiful morning with nice weather ahead. Not as blistering hot as Toronto. Looks like three riding days left. Better get going...

Ok, fueled bike and myself in Thunder Bay. Lovely morning ride down to here, except for road construction and the associated delays. This has been going on since the early US part of the trip. We only have two seasons in a year, Winter and Roadwork.

Marathon will be my likely stopping point. Will update when I get there.

Here safe and sound. Great weather. From Thunder Bay to marathon, the scenery is fantastic. Will post pics after I phone home.






Hope you too get to see this in person.

Now, a story about a good restaurateur. I am staying at the Zero 100 Motor Inn, which has a restaurant attached. Mark is the owner and asked about my drink preference. He offered Ambiance wine at$16 per half litre. I said that is a bit expensive, but ok. He brought the wine, said it was a soft Malbec, he was right, called him back, he said it was not Ambiance. No shit.

If you are in the area, eat there. Say hello to Mark for me. He is a pro.

P0T 2E0 for the postal code

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