Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day - 21 to Winnipeg and into Ontario

Finally got something to eat! I could not find the McD where the GPS said it was in Yorkton. Gassed and rode. Gassed and rode more. Made it to Winnipeg. Will get under way after a little rest.

Kenora is only a couple hours ride, so will sleep in Ontario. More later.

Oh, the weather is sunny and warm.

In Drydan. More later, after I have eaten.

Reminder: Winnipeg Traffic

Take the bypass if possible. With no breakfast in Yorkton, it was a long ride to Winnipeg. Found a McD a Walmart. Gps took me then via downtown. Don't do this. Every street has a stoplight. All will be red. Long lights. Horror show. Never seen anything remotely worse. Fire everybody with predudice in the department concerned. Not kidding. Gross incompetence.

Then, a word about pavement. Motorcycles AR mst comfortable with level pavement. Johnwill remember pavement east of Toronto with groves. About a foot wide and a few inches deep, one for each car wheel. Threw you around.

in downtown Winnipeg, the grooves are 3 feet wide and one foot deep. For a motorcycle, this is near a death trap.

Avoid Winnipeg.

Rest of the ride to Drydan was superb with weather and road great.

Tired, bed. 3 riding days left, I figure.

I want to plug Tilley underwear. Wash it, roll it in a towel, leave it rolled for a while, say dinner, hang it over a rail overnight - good to go.

The boxer shorts I have have no seams where it may hurt. Get some.

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