Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day - 20 Into Saskatchewan

Got on the road at 6:30. Bright, sunny day. Rode to Llyoldminster. Huge long mall on my side of the road. McD's for breakfast and blog update.

Road is still great, a divided highway with little traffic. Except here, near urban living. Will add more down the road. Will be past Saskatoon by lunch. Bike running well, as usual, and as expected.

Gassed up. 1st Petrocan was out of order, Esso got the business. At McD!'s for coffee break. North Battleford is a poor city, bad paving.

Saskatoon is a poor city as well. Lunch at McD 'cause they have wifi. Mgr agreed with me they are the only one without it. Some schetchy clients there as well, so I got away fast.

Long ride to Yorkton. Bad pavement again. Run down motels. More schetchy folks. Ate at Boston Pizza. Asked for wifi password. Waitress said it was down temporarily. I asked how long. She said couple of months. Couple at next table laughed. I said that was preposterous. Yes, I use words like that.

Sipping my beer, when the two dots leaped up and hit me where it hurts. Then, they drew a line between them all on their own! In RED.

Loiter control.

And the innocent lose again.

Just so you know, I am no longer a dilettante rider: 782.6 km today.

Learned : in the rain, visor collects drops. Lower electrically powered windscreen and drops get blown off, like in a car wash...


  1. Ed:

    Hope you have a memorable trip back to toronto. I am sorry to hear that you dropped your bike. Take it easy and don't let things rattle you. It is a great bike.