Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day - 2

They say you can do a LONG first day, but have to back off on the second, and maybe more on the third. Turned out to be true, BUT we had a strategy. Long before he start, I spent hours on my iPad looking at maps. Technology I never dreamed of in my Ham Radio days s as teen ( the original VE3EST ). Rather than the I-90 slab, we would go south of Madison to ride a bit of the Great River Road, cross the Mississipi, then go north to Austin, MN. We never made it that far. We are at a motel just 12 miles south of Austin, as I just could not go any farther. Knees, shins, and hips told me to stop. I'm fine now, 2 hours later.

It was a divided highway, a bit bumpy and lots of rain grooves, which affected Rodney more than I. He rides a 1981 Yamaha Seca, 750 in-line four. Yes, he had it checked before departure. It's a "stone axe", John would say.

It's Saturday, and I expected a lot of traffic. Nope. Was sunny and great.

So, it's on to tomorrow.

We did not take pictures today, sorry. Just not any places to stop safely, and you've seen farmland before...

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