Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day - 19 Jasper to ? Via Edmonton

Left in steady light rain. It stopped just before I found a McD's for breakfast. Suit does its job, but I'm still in need of some warmth.

Not sure how far I will get if rain continues.

Ok, rain all the way from the last stop. Sure glad I renewed the Dubbin on my boots. Feet get a bit cold, but so far, the boots are not getting soaked.

The rain has stopped again. Hope it stays stopped. I have about 2 hours more to get to Edmonton. The map sure looks good at this point.

The road is now a divided highway, like an interstate. Easy curves, boring, except for poor visibility.

Just looked out window. Heavy rain. Here for a while, I guess.

Looked at the weather map. No point in leaving until about 11:30, but then I should be ok. Looks like no rain at least to Edmonton.

After leaving, the left lane became "loose chips", which is sort of gravel. I was glad I was in the right lane. Came a bridge, both lanes now, but it was fine crossing the bridge. Sign says 45 km of road construction, and it looked like they were doing the left lane. Nope. The bike is so good there was no problem at an time. I had a loose grip and the bike did not squirm at all. This is in a downpour reducing visibility to nil. It ended eventually.

Then came the highway across Edmonton. With traffic lights. Then, total stop. The left two lanes were closed by a serious accident. Eventually got by it.

So, I'm at Vegreville, East of Edmonton. Small motel, not great, but I'm writing this in Boston Pizza. Looking at at plate of spaghetti and meatballs that would feed four. Later...

Well, not much later. My first time at Boston Pizza. Worst spaghetti I have ever been served. Ate the meatball, a portion of spaghetti, and just stopped. Burped twice. At least they have wifi...

Will be in bed early, methinks.

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  1. Been watching the trip ... amazing . We could use some of that rain to cool it down here it is screaming hot here in Ontario Jeff M