Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 18 update

More rain. Visibility poor. Decided to stop @11:30 for a Subway meatball sandwich and coffee and stretch.

May decide to stop at Valemount unless the weather changes. We'll see.

Hwy 5 north from Kamloops is a nice road. In a valley, mild twists and turns except for some 70 kph ones.

It's the trucks that get you, in the rain. One passed me, got ahead a bit. Car passed. Downhill stretch came up, car brake lights came on, then the truck let loose his horn. Loud horn, facing away from me. Would have made me jump if he did it to me. He was angry at a car, probably was already angry I had slowed him down.

Well, no wifi here at Subway, so I will post this later.

Ok, getting near Jasper. Has been periods of light rain. With the 'Stich suit, no leaks, no wet crotch, just keep moving on. Worth every penny.

Finally, sunshine! I'll let you judge:


When I stopped, a train was going by. By the time i got my helmet and gloves off, I could only get the last car, which should have been a caboose...







From here to Jasper was an easy run. Oh, I forgot. On the road, the Feds have a booth and collect 9.80 from anybody not going through. Honest Ed says he is staying overnight in Jasper, and sweet young thing gives change. During this,she leans out and says STOP! to a big white semi trying together past me. Scared the crap out of me.

Got toJasper and used the GPS to find a hotel. A bit expensive. Splurged on a meal with wine an Drambuie.

All is ok. GPS has the route home from here. Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, ... Hotel tofrontdoor is 3771 km.

More tomorrow.

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