Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 18 - on to Jasper

Got a good start at just after 6 am. Good decision to stop early yesterday.

Road to Cache Creek was wet, rain light. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast, and safe. If the sign said 30 kph, I did 30 or less. Tried to work on cornering techniques and after a while things got ok, and faster. Just out of Lillooet,I saw a deer cross well ahead. A few minutes later, another one.

I forgot to post that I saw a bear off the road at Whistler. Too close for that.

From Cache Creek to Kamloops, the road is big, fast, mostly 100 kph.

Had breakfast at Cache Creek. Now at McD's for warmup coffee.

It's about 12 C and i find that i cool down Even with the vest on. It was not on until Cache Creek, and that may have made me a bit colder than usual.

Still not used to cliff drop offs with no guardrail. They would provide a good visual reference. Not ever looking over that way, but peripheral vision sees something or rather nothing...

Some scenery is astounding, but most of the times the curves take my attention.

Not listening to music so my attention is on the road.

More to come later in the day.

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