Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day - 17 Duncan to Lilloolet

Only to there? Had to ride to Nanaimo, get the ferry to Horseshoe Bay, ride past Whistler and eventually to Lillooet.

Just past Pemberton, a bit east, the road rises up a mountain. To start this off right, there is a 20 kmph 180-degree hairpin turn to the left. As you go around, you have to climb a steep hill as well. There are no yellow lines that I remember. Well, I almost made it. Ended up dropping the bike at close to zero speed. I'm fine. Bike has two small scratches that you would have to hunt to find. There was no other traffic at the time, but a minute after, a young couple in a camper truck, and two others in a truck following them helped pick it up. It started, I got on and rode on to Lillooet, where I called it a day.

The scenery in these mountains is spectacular. However, the roads have little or no shoulder, and certainly no guardrails 90 per cent of the time. Cliff on one side, rock mountain on the other. Curves are continuous, and some are 20 kph. Two more are 180 degree hairpins, but these are on the downward side, and I had no further issues. A lot of white-knuckle riding, and I was now nervous and extra careful. Tiring, so I stopped for the day.

I should mention the single-lane bridges too. They often have a hard turn at the other side. Makes it hard to see if traffic is coming, especially if you are the direction that must stop short. Well, we handled that too.

No pictures today. Too dangerous to stop and take pictures.

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