Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day - 16 Last Day in Duncan

John provided materials to wash the bike, so it looks pretty nice. Was not really dirty, is easy to clean.

It's nearly 2pm and I am mostly packed too. Carole made sure my clothes are clean, so I'm good to go. Next time I will pack less. Really, I will! I promise!

I'll get a ferry to Horseshoe Bay early tomorrow, Sunday, and head up Hwy 99. Weather reports a few days ago promised sun; may not work out that way. But, that is why I have the Aerostitch and electric vest.

While gone, there was a pool plumbing problem. Dianne had good advice from a neighbour that it was the pump. Good friend Richard, same fellow who showed up unexpectedly at the start of this journey, has disassembled it, cleaned the impeller, and set it to work. Dianne is delighted, means Suzanne and Emma will probably have a pool party tomorrow.

So, Richard, thanks for the rescue. I appreciate it greatly.

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