Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day - 13 A Ride on John's Boat

First, Happy Birthday Suzanne. I remember the day you were born as a day of great joy. And, that has been the case for a lot of days since. Enjoy your day. Sorry I woke you up, but sorrier I'm missing out on the cake...

John has acquired a new power cruiser. It is a 1981 Tollycraft 26S. It is well regarded by the folks at his yacht club. Even so, he has ensured it is in top-notch mechanical shape. Any machine owned by John is guaranteed to be in perfect shape at any time. His dad was a millwright and he is a Mechanical engineer. I hope to do a post of his garage contents, nine or ten motorcycles, most in restored or immaculate condition.

Because it is new to him and he is as yet unused to docking it in the boathouse, there was a certain stress level today on the initial run. No problems were encountered and John will soon gain full confidence. I do remember the stress I felt with my CS 27 sailboat years ago doing docking. John has a winner in this boat.


Above, at the gas dock.

Captain John, and friend Don

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