Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day - 12 A Visit with Old and Valued Friends

Sydney Bell, I have been known to say, is the only person to have hired me twice. We go back to 1973. He and his wife Mae live near Qualicum Beach. It was a very easy ride north to see them.

When he answered the door, he made me very welcome. Although I told Mae not to do anything special for me, she made a delicious lunch, a stir fry with shrimp on a bed of rice. She gave me a lot of food and I had to tell her a half-portion would suffice. Even then, I could not eat it all. Spicy and delicious. A salad, her own lettuce. A cranberry compote. Red Australian wine. This is her definition of going to no trouble...

We had an enjoyable visit. It was important to me to see him again. He was my boss, sure, but if you travel with someone to Paris, London, Cairo, Kuwait City, Hong Kong, LA, Orlando, San Francisco, ... Probably other places, oh yeah, how could I have forgotten Rome...and Zurich...

Easy to travel with Sid. We enjoyed each other's company ... Or maybe he just put up with me. If that was it, he probably wouldn't have opened the door.

He was surprised to find I had arrived by motorcycle and enjoyed my ride report (Mae as well) and wished me well.

I wish them well too. We all had sparkling eyes, I think.

If you have an old friend, go see them. It will refresh your soul.






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