Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day - 10 riding around Duncan

John led me around some pretty roads this morning. Nice weather and farmland all over. Hardly any flat land here it seems. Makes for interesting riding.

Traffic was light this morning, and pretty sedate. Lots of 30 kph curves, many on hilly terrain. Some of the pavement could be improved.

So, a slow and gentle ride through very pretty scenery.

There are lots of new housing around Duncan and Cowichan. Nice modern architecture. And, the landscaping is impressive.

We saw about three deer. They were in residential areas and posed no problems to us today. But, I can see how they could really cause a crash. And, John noted there is a large Elk population on the island. They are large and hitting one at speed would be serious. Very good reasons to keep speeds down and keep alert.

And, no riding at dawn or dusk when they are most active.


  1. Congrats for landing safley at your destination. Cuz, you sure have balls. I respect you for following your dream.
    Cuz Kathy

  2. Ed:

    Try Maple Bay Road to the end, where there is a marine and restaurant. Also the road around Shawnigan lake, or else go West from Duncan and ride to Port Renfrew

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