Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 1

Bonus: Richard was in my kitchen @4am, came with us to London. Thanks Richard.

I put on my rain boots - two left feet! The right one is now destroyed, a matter of one or two dismounts.

Rodney and I proceeded in rain for 466.6 miles to Madison, WI.

13:15 hours later, we are in hotel, tired, but all is ok. We are where we planned.

Suzanne - thanks for the music. That and the heated vest saved the day.

Would say more, but exhausted.


When we left, I had the back vent and the underarm vents open, forgot I had done this on an earlier ride. No electric vest either. I froze until we hit a service centre where I closed vents and put on the vest. Ah, heat. All wen well then. Cleared US customs with no problems. The trip across to Muskegon was wet but little traffic. Heated vest, handlebar grips, seat - electric heat is great. GPS and cruise control got us where we needed to be.

The fast catamaran ride was a bit rolly side to side, but the bike did not fall over. Used four tie-downs as recommended. You do it yourself - other ferries do it for you, but not this one. The 2.5 hour ride let us warm up and rest.

Getting out of Milwaukee on a Friday night was no problem, traffic was heavy but orderly downtown and fell off rapidly. Wisely, stopped at a rest area about 12 miles from our hotel just to stretch. Much needed.

The hotel was a bit run down but inexpensive. I had a few wrong turns, but the GPS always had a solution. Kept taking the road ahead, not the road the GPS was indicating. I had it set to miles and don't know anymore what "turn in 0.1 miles" means. When roads are close together, it's easy to drive by one of them.

So ended the first day.

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