Sunday, May 13, 2012

You have to be determined!

This is going to get a bit philosophical. Here is how the topic came to mind, I was on the test ride with the lowered pegs, and came to stop, and got off the bike, when I noticed the left peg rubber had rotated. I rotated it back. The instructions had said a factory plastic piece of plastic might need to be discarded, or not. Since I found the fit was tight, I chose to remove these fancy plastic keep-from-rotating items. But, I did not throw them away...

When reinstalling them I knew I had to compress the rubber cushion to make it shorter, to allow the securing pin to go through all the holes. I had built up a mental image of this being hard, maybe needing one of my woodworking clamps. In the end, hand force did the trick. That, and determination.

Too often, a lack of determination makes a doable job look so hard that we give up, maybe try an alternative. I'm glad that I decided I could not live with these rotating rubber cushions and found the determination to reinstall those clever keepers.

And, success is sweet.


  1. Okay, all fine and well, but where's a pic of your new motorcycle, pegs and all ? (thought I forgot about the whole evening?) xo

  2. Yes, I should have taken a few photos. Will try to get the bike out in the sun and add a few this week.