Monday, May 7, 2012

Peg Lowering Kit Installed 2011 on R1200RT

Installing the peg lowering kit was easy. Less than 45 minutes. This must be a record for me for any mechanical job. And, none of the anticipated problems popped up. That does not mean there were no problems.

The E clips were no problem on either side. Came off without springing away into the darkness forever... . Went back on again nicely too. I did have to check to make sure it was seated properly, and it was.

Getting to that point of replacement was a bit of a struggle. The spring did not allow the plastic spool to line up with the axis of the pin. I had to push the spring a bit sideways a bit. At that point, the pin slid through all the holes it needed to. When the spool was rotated a bit, the slanted end slid into place and the pin protruded the correct amount to allow the E-clip to be seated. This was the case on both sides.

No chance for a ride (thunderstorms) but sitting on the bike suggests I will not need to adjust either pedal. I had heard that smaller size feet might not need pedals to be adjusted, and this might just be the case for me.

And, the bike does feel different. It feels smaller. That is goodness. More when I get out for a ride. Must go check the weather forecast...

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