Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Suzanne, Emma, Nancy and Richard joined Dianne and me for dinner, drinks, and a bit of swimming (Emma and Suz).

Suzanne had the idea that I would need some biker tunes for the trip, so bought some for me from iTunes. She had some help from all of us in doing the selection, but had a good idea of what she wanted to do. She loaned me a Nano (boy, are they small, but work well) and this morning I downloaded them onto my old hard-drive Classic style iPod as well. Yea!

Today also saw an oil change and inspection at the dealer. Nice wash job too!

With the mercury at 27C, and humidity at Liquid, Mr 'Stitch was a bit warm. In motion, fine. Well, I don't like to stop much anyway... . Am going to pack a few short sleeve Tee shirts, just in case the weather stays this hot.

Got some cash, did a bit more packing. Sorted out what to do with the spare keys, for example.

Ready to go, almost.

Forecast is for rain on Friday, but too soon for details. 4am departure, rain or shine.

Oh yeah, Gravol for the ferry - got that too.

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