Saturday, May 5, 2012

Not yet riding today...

Yesterday was a pool day. No, I was not swimming! The new liner was installed last fall, but no salt or other chemicals. When I took the winter top cover off, the water looked pretty clean, but it never is. Had done the plumbing (replacing drain plugs, replacing the mineral cartridge ($89), and filled up to the correct level with water. Primed the pump, and had good circulation.

The Zodiac Baracuda pool cleaner stopped and started fitfully. Google said to check the diaphragm and sure enough, a stress crack just below where a plastic ring secures it to the main pipe. So, count two of these last season, ($12 each). They charge now, for years these were replaced free, but the units last so long now... . So, for $300 (dealer honoured end of season sale price as they said (liner was $3000+ after all) and the new T5 model seems to work better than any before it. 

After 3 backwashes, 2 pump basket empties, one hose section removal (hose was into the well for the stairs and T5 head was stationary), the pool was clean(er) and just about ready.

So was I. For dinner and TV and two rum and cokes. Off to bed, slept for 3 hours, lots of muscle pain, TV, back to bed.

Saturday morning now, water level topped up, basket cleaned, filter backwashed, ready for salt and chemicals.

Now 10am, might get riding this afternoon.

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