Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Might say the trip has officially started..

...except I have not departed.

We did have the official trip party at my sister Mary's place in Cobourg. Food, drinks, sleepover (not a good idea to drive). Mary even gifted me with a Maglite LED flashlight. Rugged, bright, long battery life - a great safety feature. Mary is more excited than I am at this point.

Although, can't sleep tonight. Suffering from pollen allergy big time for fourth day. Even had to raise the chinbar on the modular helmet so I could sneeze on Sunday's ride. Twice. And, I have a sore nose. Not from sneezing, I think I burned it on Mary's deck. Or broke it sneezing. Anyway, can't sleep so I'm blogging and watching the finale of House.

And thinking about packing...

I ordered fabric liners from TLC back in April. Lot's of time to ship them from California right? Well, it's a small operation and Jenn's husband recently had a stroke and this caused huge problems. I wish them well. But, chances are I will be gone before the liners arrive. I'm going to have to see if those reusable shopping bags fit anywhere like liners. The hard bags are easy to get off the bike, but they are heavy, even when empty. Lugging them up to a second floor hotel room is not attractive.

What to take for camera equipment? Body plus three lenses, no tripod. Padded bag. Maybe a padded insert in the tank bag for fast grabbing of the camera.

The big green bag? Normally this is for the camping equipment, which I am not taking. Yes, even if not much in it...

Four oil filter and filter wrench kit on the way to a friend's in Seattle. Dealer will change oil next Tuesday, then John will help in Duncan, and I will do on my return.

Well, should go back to bed.

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